Roof Leaks: How to repair them with the help of your roofing contractor

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Have a leaking roof in Naples? Fair and Square Roofing can help you!

Are you panicking because your roof is leaking? Are you seeing flooding inside the house? 

During the rainy season, it’s normal that we notice roof damage. Whenever you see any damage on your roof, it is advisable to act quickly and fix it. The sooner you repair your roof the less costly the repair will be. As they say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”

What can you do to limit damage until your roof contractor appointment?

The emergency steps below are necessary while waiting for the roof contractor to come to your home. But these steps are only temporary. You need help from the experts at Fair and Square Roofing  to fix the problem. Roofing contractors have expertise on finding the cause and fixing the problem on your roof. 

  • Move your furniture and appliances out of any dripping water. 

Water can create mold and further damage anything inside the house, especially furniture. It is also dangerous if the water reaches plugs and other electrical devices. It may cause a spark and worse, a fire. 

  • Get a basin or bucket to catch rainwater until your Fair and Square Roofing Representative can come to your home. 
  • Likely your roofing representative will apply a tarp to reduce damage to your home until the leak can be repaired or the roof can be replaced. 

This is one of the quickest ways for your Fort Myers roofing contractor to minimize or avoid the water leaking in your house while waiting for a repair or replacement.

It is always good to be prepared at all times, but there are emergencies that are unavoidable. Have your roof checked regularly and don’t wait for the rainy season to schedule an inspection. Contact your Fort Myers roofing contractor to ensure that you’ll have a safe home when it’s raining hard. 

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