Who doesn’t love the beauty of a tiled roof?  It’s gorgeous to look at, extremely efficient at redirecting those hard rains from cloud bursts, and will last almost forever!  But, like all things, these roofs do require just a bit of fall maintenance to keep it beautiful and functioning at its best.

Let’s dive into the proper way to treat your tile roof:  

     1. Annual Inspection: One of the most important actions to take is to inspect your roof every year for damage. While tile roofs are extremely durable, they can break and breakage causes leaks.  

     2. Clean the Debris: You may be tempted to take the easy way out and just pressure wash the roof.  This is not recommended. What you probably aren’t aware of is that pressure washing can actually damage your beautiful tile roof! It can damage the felt under your roof and the coating that is on top!  With concrete tile roofs, you can get away with light pressure washing on the lowest setting, but on all other types, it will damage your roof.  Instead, sweep away the loose debris and what cannot be swept away, use a cleaner specifically made for cleaning tile roofs and a wire brush to scrub away the offending spot!

     3. Replace Damaged Tiles: Although your tile roof is built to last 100-years or more, from time-to-time, a tile will break.  During your fall tile roof inspection is a great time to address repairs.  Leakage can occur from broken tiles damaging the felt underneath and undermining your roofs effectiveness to withstanding the elements.

     4. Buff Your Tiles:  Another bit of fall maintenance for your roof tiles is to buff them.  Tile roofs produce a chalky substance called efflorescence. This is a natural chemical reaction but can look unsightly and dull the look of your tiles.  It in no way effects the structural integrity of your tiles, it just looks bad.  Buffing will remove the unsightly deposit and help prepare your roof for sealing.

     5. Primer Your Tiles: Adding a clear alkyd primer to your tile roof helps it repel water adding to the efficiency of your roof. It also helps by filling the porousness of your tiles helping to keep your home cooler in the summer as well.  It also provides a gorgeous sheen bringing life back to the color of your roof!

     6. Painting & Sealing: Some choose to paint their tiles, if you choose to do so, use a heavy-duty acrylic paint.  The polymers in the paint interlock and provide a waterproof barrier.  Some of these paints are also mildew-resistant, which might be something to think about!  Make sure to protect all your hard work with an acrylic sealant to protect the tile and restore the beautiful sheen you love!

Whether you decide to paint or not, the other steps outlined here will help you make sure your tile roof lasts the 100 years it was designed for!  So, make sure you call us today, and schedule your appointment for fall maintenance on your tile roof to keep it beautiful and efficient for years to come!