Roof Repair And Roof Replacement in Sanibel

Fair and square roofing – Roof Repair

There are definitely times when you can do roof repair and roof replacement in Sanibel FL or partially reroof your home, but if your roof is older, has missing or damaged shingles in multiple areas, or has recurring problems, such as shingles that frequently come off, it may be time to think about replacing a roof. Your best first step is to get it inspected by a reputable roofing company i.e Fair And Square Roofing – Best Roof repair in Naples to find out if a partial or full roof replacement is required. Our experts will visit and provide you the best affordable quotes  as per your requirement .


Top Quality of Roofing Materials

We use quality material for roof repair services in Naples  .Newer roofing materials come on the market all the time. If the last time you re-roofed your home was 10 years ago, it’s definitely time to take a look at what else is on the market today. In addition to some of the more traditional shingles (asphalt, Metal, )


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Do you need a roof replacement in Sanibel?

The best way to know whether you need a new roof or an old roof is to hire an experienced roof inspector who will Inspect and judge the roof:-

· As your roof is more than 20 Years Old or it is a New roof.

· The roof shingles have different curled edges or are cracked curled edges.

· Some areas of your roof materials are visibly darker than others.

· Most of your asphalt shingles are missing granules, or you notice a lot of particles from your shingles building up in the gutters.

· You can see daylight coming through cracks or holes in the roof when you stand in your attic, or you can see holes in your roof shingles or material.

· Your roof has areas that are visibly sagging and declining.

· There are signs of water damage to your attic or the ceilings just below the roof.

Types of roofing materials


Asphalt Singles are energy-efficient and durable metal roofing it can Protect home from natural elements.

Fiberglass shingles start with a fiberglass work tangle that is canvassed in black-top and bested with granules that give shading and mirror a portion of the daylight. Shingles made with fiberglass are lightweight and oppose tearing. 

Natural black-top shingles structure with Paper They are reused which is soaked in black-top and secured with granules. The shingles are heavier and harder to work with than fiberglass, yet they by and large offers better solidness in high breezes with sturdiness.