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Storm Damage Repair & Restoration Services You Can Trust

As if the damage caused by a powerful storm isn’t stressful enough, it’s an unfortunately all-too-common practice for out-of-town roofing companies to flood the area looking to make a quick buck off of vulnerable homeowners after the storm has passed. We call these companies “storm chasers” and you should steer well clear of them.


Fair and Square Roofing is a family-owned and -operated roofing company that has been 100 percent dedicated to Southwest Florida homeowners since our founding. When you partner with us, we’ll consider you part of the family and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure your roofing system is brought back up to snuff. Our storm damage services include:


Emergency Rapid Response

If something happens to your roof during a storm, call us right away and we’ll send our rapid response team to your home to provide a temporary fix to prevent further damage by subsequent bad weather. A GAF Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP) will also document the storm damage for proof to be used when filing an insurance claim.


Thorough Inspections

After the weather clears, a CMP will inspect every square inch of your roof for signs of failure and damage caused by hail, high winds, and fallen debris. From there, we can formulate an appropriate solution that will restore your roof back to optimal condition.


Repairs or Restoration

Whether your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, you can count on a CMP at Fair and Square Roofing to provide the same impeccable craftsmanship and utilize the top-quality roofing materials that have made us the go-to roofing contractor in the area. Plus, we can help maximize your insurance claim thanks to the expertise of our in-house storm mitigation specialist.


Cat III Roofing Systems for Homeowners in Southwest FL

Another reason to choose Fair and Square Roofing is our proprietary Cat III roofing system. This superior roof is designed to withstand winds of up to 130 mph thanks to thick, high-quality Asphalt Shingles secured in place with stainless steel nails, as well as upgraded underlayment, properly designed attic ventilation, and enhanced Premium Ridge Cap Shingles that are installed according to specialized guidelines, all of which are backed by the exclusive warranty. Our Cat III roofing system is also warrantied for the original owners’ lifetime (prorated after 50 years) and for 25 years covering workmanship, offering unprecedented protection in the event your roof needs to be replaced due to storm damage.


If you’re concerned about how your roof will perform during the stormy season, or your roof has suffered damage and you need an experienced storm damage restoration company, don’t hesitate to contact Fair and Square Roofing today.

Avoid mistakes, protect your investments, and trust in our experience!

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